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2014. Protest Inc: The Corporatization of Activism With Peter Dauvergne. Cambridge: Polity.

2017. Prison Labor, Capitalism, and the American State.  Chicago: The University of Illinois Press. (forthcoming)

Edited Collections

2017. Researching Forced Labour in the Global Economy: Methodological Challenges and Advances. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Proceedings of the British Academy series. Under contract.

2016. Forced Labour in the Global Economy. Co-edited with Neil Howard. London: openDemocracy.

2016.  On History: Forced Labor Past and Present. Co-edited with Joel Quirk. London: openDemocracy.

2016. Social Reproduction Beyond the Household. Special Issue of Historical Materialism 24(2). Co-edited with Susan Ferguson and Sara Farris.

Scholarly Journal Articles 

2016. ‘Introduction: Special Issue on Social Reproduction.’ Historical Materialism 24(2): 25-37. With Sue Ferguson, Sara Farris, and Angela Dimitrakaki.

2015. ‘Benchmarking Global Supply Chains: The Power of the ‘Ethical Audit’ Regime.Review of International Studies 41(5): 905-924. With Jane Lister.

2015. ‘Unfree Labor Beyond Binaries: Social Hierarchy, Insecurity, and Labor Market Restructuring.’ International Feminist Journal of Politics 17(1): 1-19.

2014. ‘Subcontracting is Not Illegal, but is it Unethical? Business Ethics, Forced Labour, and Economic Success.‘ Brown Journal of World Affairs, 20.2 Spring/Summer Issue.

2014. ‘Reconceptualising Debt Bondage: Debt as a Class-Based Form of Labor Discipline.’ Critical Sociology 40(5): 763-780. Special issue, The Politics of Debt and Discipline: Money, Law, and the State edited by Susanne Soederberg & Adrienne Roberts.

2013. ‘The Rise of a ‘New Slavery’? Understanding African Unfree Labour Through Neoliberalism.’ Third World Quarterly 34(5): 873-892. With Alison J Ayers.

2013. ‘The Social Cost of Environmental Solutions.’ New Political Economy 18 (3): 410-430. With Peter Dauvergne.

2012. ‘Rethinking Prison Labor: Social Discipline and the State in Historical Perspective.’ WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society, XV (3): 327-351

2012. ‘Confining Social Insecurity: Neoliberalism and the Rise of the 21st Century Debtors’ Prison.’ Politics& Gender, 8 (1): 25-49. With Adrienne Roberts.

2010. ‘The Political Economy of the Household: Neoliberal Restructuring, Enclosures, and Daily Life.’ Review of International Political Economy, 17 (5): 889-912.

2010. ‘Towards a Feminist Political Economy of Capitalism and Carcerality.’ Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 36 (1): 19-44. With Adrienne Roberts.

Research Reports

2016. Ethical Audits and the Supply Chains of Global Corporations. With Jane Lister. SPERI Global Political Economy Brief 1.

2015. Inequality Redux. With Colin Hay, Scott Lavery, Martin Craig, Thomas Hastings, Hannah Lambie-Mumford, Daniela Tepe-Belfrage, Andrew Gamble, Adam Barber, Craig Berry & Tony Payne. SPERI Paper No. 22.

2013. Forced Labour’s Business Models and Supply Chains. York: The Joseph Rowntree Foundation.  With Jean Allain, Andrew Crane, and Laya Behbahani.

2012. Shopping for Sustainability at the Canton Fair: The Political Economy of Transnational Brand Retail Governance in China. With Jane Lister. Liu Institute for Global Issues Working Paper Series no. 12-001, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 2012.

Book Chapters

2017. ‘The New Gatekeeper: Ethical Audits as a Mechanism of GVC Governance.’ In Claire Cutler and Thomas Dietz (eds), The Politics of Transnational Governance by Contract. Routledge (forthcoming). With Peter Dauvergne and Jane Lister.

2017. ‘Women and Unfree Labour in the Global Political Economy.’ In Adrienne Roberts and Juanita Elias (eds) Handbook of International Political Economy of Gender. Edward Elgar (forthcoming).

2016. ‘Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Forced Labour: Implications for International Development.’ In Jean Gruegel & Daniel Hammett (eds), The Handbook of International Development. London: Palgrave, pp. 381-398.

2016. ‘Prison Labor, Slavery, and the State.’ In Laura Brace & Julia O’Connell-Davidson (eds) Slaveries Old & New. Proceedings of the British Academy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals

2015. ‘Hazard or Hardship: Crafting Global Norms on the Right to Refuse Unsafe Work.’ Perspectives on Politics 13(4): 92-94.

2015. ‘Occupying Political Science: The Occupy Wall Street Movement from New York to the World.’ Global Policy Journal. 

2013. ‘Gender Inequalities, Households and the Production of Well-Being in Modern Europe.’ Feminist Economics 19 (1): 141-145.

2012. ‘Making Feminist Politics: Transnational Alliances between Women and Labor.’ Politics & Gender 8(1): 145-151.

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